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Trumpet Man Plays for the Stars – and for Tucson.
One summer afternoon, trumpet player Ruben Moreno was sitting at home when a bandmate called to tell him they would be performing for Paul McCartney....."
Native Tucsonan Ruben Moreno has been performing music and propelling the mariachi movement in the United States and internationally since 1974. He’s played with the highly acclaimed Mariachi Cobre, who now plays at The Epcot Center in Florida. He’s performed at several music festivals worldwide including the Leeds and Redding Festivals in England, and the Edinburg Festival in Scotland where his band, International Mariachi America, won the special performers award. He has worked and toured extensively with Tucson alternative rock band Calexico.

Calexico and Mariachi Luz de Luna Rep the Southwest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Jimmy Kimmel may lag behind CoCo and Jimmy Fallon as the funniest guy in late night television, but he kicked everyone's ass with his musical guest last night. Rocking a strong Cinco de Mayo vibe, he featured Tucson-based act Calexico, joined by Mariachi Luz de Luna.

Calexico is marking the release of its new album, Carried to Dust, with a series of videos that include some nice, live performances of their new songs.
I've been spending time with Carried to Dust, and think it may be the band's best album. It's an elegantly produced collection of songs, with some wonderfully haunting moments. Joey Burns and John Convertino, the duo behind Calexico's music, draw heavily on their favorite sounds: Portuguese fado, spaghetti westerns, Mexican mariachi, folk and rock. It all comes together on Carried to Dust as a richly seasoned and mature mix.
Folds and Calexico will be accompanied by local acts such as the Silver Thread Trio and Mariachi Luz De Luna to further enhance the provincial theme.
The Concert for Civility, one of several shortened titles for the March 10 event, was in response to the Jan. 8 shooting of U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others, in which six people died. It was collaboration of archetypal So Cal activist/singer/songwriter Jackson Browne, along with promoter Danny Zelisko and rocker Alice Cooper, both former Midwesterners who have long made Phoenix their home.